Captain Whippet


Hello 21st Century

03 May 2014

So I have finally got around to setting up a website and writing a blog. I have been dabbling with the RaspberryPi I got for Christmas, I have put up some code on GitHub that does some fun stuff and the plan is to write a blog about it. Hello 21st Century.

The other thing that's inspired me is my involvement in CodeClub. I have been running a club for the past few months at the local primary school. We have just started on HTML. I wanted to find a way to get their pages up on the web.

This whole website thing was new to me; even though I've been writing code for a career for 15 years, I have never actually taken this step. There's plenty of stuff on the web to help, but it took a lot of trial and error to get correct. I'll document the details in a subsequent post in case I ever need (or want) to do this again.

At the time this is published what you see here is the default Jekyll layout. The next step will be to start playing about with the layout to see if I can create something interesting. Most likely I will start by looking at the pages here to see what's possible.

One last thing - why Jekyll? Mostly because it's how GitHub Pages work and because it's static (no messing about with PHP etc). There's some information on how Jekyll actually works here. But as the author says: "Developers like Jekyll because we can write content like we write code"

So that's it! Watch this space.